Here are some pictures of my house and neighbourhood, as we prepare for Christmas, 2000.

Click on image for enlargment.

My backyard Pagoda in the snow. Here's my concrete Pagoda, in the cedar hedge, with the Dec. 9th snowfall.
My whole backyard in the snow. Here's my patio and cedar hedge, with the Dec. 9th snowfall.
Front of house with snow removal device. Here's the front, with my favorite brother (Hey. I'm his only brother) helping me shovel. In the next 3 days, we got 40 more cm.
One of the Griswolds. Some of my neighbours get all excited about decorating. You can't tell here, that around the front door are chaser lights.
The other Griswold. Across the street. Behind the Santa, Mrs. Santa and geese(!) is a Nativity Scene.
On the left - drinks! Whoo-hoo! Back in the house, tree and Nativity scene - currently the only furniture in the living room. That'll change.
Activity Scene. Close-up of the Nativity Scene. Since when is a bag-piper traditional?
Christmas Day itself was spent with the Evans (+1) adoptive ex-Maritime family. That's:
Judy Lynn and Mel (the cook!)
Judy-bug ...and this button does what, again? This old thing?
Judy loves her bear... Elmo the cat thinks the fountain is for him... And I got a stocking with my name on it! (The final "e" is hidden, due to it being full of stuff!)
I wish DeVerne could have picked out something I'd like! Mrrow? Loot!
Presents!. Loot. I mean, largess (TM Judy's Mom).
This thing disturbs even me. Lynn and Mel got me this. It disturbs even me. Note the ingredient list. Yes, it's a real dead cricket. I don't know when (if ever) I'll eat it.