I get up at about 8:00, and start packing. Reorganizing, hiding things from Customs (kidding!), making sure all the Leatherman tools (Yes, I have several) are in the bag to be checked (not kidding),  and generally getting organized.  I put the 3x telephoto adaptor on the camera, and here's the result:
The building across the street, as wide as possible. Maximum zoom. Maximum zoom with the new lens added. Keen!

I get some breakfast, do a little souvenir shopping - I haven't even been anywhere to buy postcards on this trip! Then it's on to the Limousine Bus for the drive to the airport. I'm tired, and relaxed from a decrease in tension, so I don't take many pictures, and the ones I do take aren't that great.

The docks in Tokyo bay from... ... the bridge! Central Tokyo.

We get to the airport, and I wander about for a couple of hours, have some lunch, and (finally) get some postcards.  Other than standing in line for what seems like a long time (an hour), check-in goes fine. I get to the gate in plenty of time, and decide to ignore the ominous clouds on the horizon.  We push back from the gate several minutes early, and roll out.  Once again, the plane is less than half-full.  Excellent. And, when the captain announces the flight parameters, we are told the flying time will only be 11 and 1/2 hours.  Saved an hour!  Of course, I hope my entourage gets this updated info.  By the time we taxi, deplane, get the luggage and go through customs, it may not matter.

I read, and do some work on photos.  Then, when some romantic Jennifer Lopez movie is run, I go ahead and nap.  At about 5 hours into the flight, we fly over the McKinley range in Alaska.  Some purty.  This was a view I missed on the trip over.