My motorcycle. It's a 1997 Kawasaki Concurs.

For the curious, the engine is a 1000cc, water-cooled 4-cylinder inline layout. It has a shaft drive and detachable saddlebags. The only optional piece on the bike is the backrest. Everything else is standard.
Basically, the bike is a late-80's era Ninja 1000, with the engine detuned for better midrange response, shaft drive instead of chain for lower maintenance, and a more upright riding position for the - ahem - more mature rider. This picture was taken in 1999.

And here it is at the end of my 2002 summer trip. New add-ons are the tank bra, the tank bag, and the rear-seat bag (or trunk). It's also very, very dirty, with 5000Km of bugs on it.